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August 24, 2012

AFR #197 – Some enchanted raid night

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Like the old saw about generals always preparing to fight the last war over again, it’s interesting to see how the endgame keeps evolving in response to the failings of the previous expansion.  In Vanilla, just getting a raid together with everyone in the right resistance gear and with the right quest chains done was a major hurdle.  Burning Crusade made things more accessible, but encumbered with complex attunement chains.  Wrath embraced the idea of accessibility to such an extent that people got burned out on running the same raids over and over at  different levels of difficulty, and also simplified dungeons to the point of pull group, mash aoe button, pull next group, repeat.  Cataclysm significantly stepped up the challenge of endgame dungeons and raids, but gave us nothing else to do with our max-level characters.  It’s too early to know what the Pandaria endgame is going to be like, but it’s a comfort to know that those of us who choose to opt out will still have plenty of other things to do with our gaming time.

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    Comment by Moria — August 27, 2012 @ 10:24 AM

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