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October 17, 2014

AFR #313 – Flip

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A true warchief does everything to the death.

October 15, 2014

Chapter 8: Demon

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The conclusion of Father’s Shield. Go back to Chapter 7 or check out the main page for the story here.


“Behind me!” Korina hissed, settling her shield. “Behind me!”

“We can do this, right?” Tam said as they gathered up behind her. “Can’t be that tough, ay? Look at us, we just killed a bunch of orcs.”

Maza hurriedly spoke to Voren, who then, stammering, tried to relay the message:

“She says the ritual went wrong. Mixed blood, unprepared. The demon is weak, confused. Like the morning after a bad… Uh, I don’t know how to translate that. The point is, right now we have a chance, but the longer it spends in our world the more it’s going to get…” He flapped his hands in frustration as he tried to come up with the word. “… Unconfused!”

Korina steadied herself.

“Right. Here’s the plan. I’ll get it’s attention–”

Her words dried up as the demon suddenly swung its head in their direction. It took one thudding step towards them and slashed with its flail.

Korina held up her shield to take the blow and was hurled off her feet up against the trunk of a nearby tree. She collapsed at its base with a groan.


October 10, 2014

AFR #312 – Like a boss

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Well, he can’t be worse than the last guy, right?

October 8, 2014

Chapter 7: In the dark woods

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The continuation of Father’s Shield. Go back to Chapter 6 or check out the main page for the story here.


They moved along as quietly as they could. Maza took the lead and Korina followed close behind her, arms at the ready, but she made sure that Tam, Elice, and Voren didn’t fall behind.

The gloom of the woods closed in thick around them. The sinking sun was entirely lost as soon as they stepped under the eaves of the Duskwood and no breeze stirred the air. They were fortunate that the dense moss underfoot muffled their boots, but every step stirred smells of rot and decay that hung heavy in the breathless air. The gnarled trunks seemed to lean in around them like disapproving elders. Out of the sun’s sight, the air was cool and Korina was glad to pull her new cloak around her again. Still the distant flicker of fire led them on into the darkness.

It seemed that they trudged on for hours and the light came no closer, but in time they began to make out shapes moving past the fire. Sounds began to carry to them, muffled and deadened by the trees, but growing clearer as they drew closer. Before long they could make out low voices chanting.

At last Maza held out her hand to signal a stop. Everyone else gathered around her. She crouched on the ground and motioned the rest down with her. As they all sank into the moss, she gestured that she should crawl forward to scout, then come back. Korina nodded and Maza slithered silently forward.


October 5, 2014

Chapter 6: Blood and earth

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The continuation of Father’s Shield. Go back to Chapter 5 or check out the main page for the story here.


A wave of foul smells hit them at once from the open barn door, blood and smoke mixed with manure and filth. Korina held her breath and charged into the darkness. At first she could see nothing. In the darkness, other sensations hit her more keenly– the sharp buzzing of flies, the hot, damp air. When she gasped for breath, the smell was overpowering. As her eyes adjusted, she saw the shapes on the floor, bodies and limbs hacked and torn apart. Elice made a strangled sound in her throat and pressed her hands over her mouth. Voren dashed back outside and doubled over retching. Tam stood in the doorway, shaking his head and saying nothing.

Korina made herself look down at the remains in front of her. Her stomach turned as she tried to make out the body parts piled in the bloody straw, but she had to know if her mother was here. The limbs and trunks were hard to count, but to judge by the heads four people had died in this barn. In one face she recognized the farmer who had bought some of her mother’s flock. The other three looked like women, but she could not see their faces. She sheathed her sword and took a hoe down from were it hung on one of the barn’s posts, then used the tool to reach into the bloody pile and pull the other three heads closer. One was old and white-haired, the other two younger, but none belonged to her mother.

“She’s not here,” Korina announced. She looked around for Voren, saw his hunched body outside the door, then stomped out and dragged him into the barn. “Tell her she’s not here,” Korina demanded, pushing him towards Maza.


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