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July 18, 2014

AFR #301 – It worked in Blazing Saddles

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Mrs. AFR and I had almost this exact conversation a couple of weeks ago.

I’m dating myself again with this, so in case you don’t remember the movie in question, here’s the relevant scene.

Edit: Curse you, YouTube videos, and your habit of suddenly disappearing!  The video I linked to yesterday is now gone.  I think that’s a record.  Here’s a slightly lower-quality version of the same scene.  (If that disappears, too, and you’re still curious, just go looking for “I have a mole” from “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” and good luck to you.)

July 11, 2014

AFR #300 – No-stalgia

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You may remember what happened the last time Thizzible had an idea for a comic.

So, here we are at 300 comics.  It’s been a fun trip getting here and I’ve still got ideas in me, so as long as you all are happy to keep reading, I’ll keep making them.

I’d also like to take a moment to say a special thanks to Amanda Miller of WoW Insider for linking to AFR every week for all these years.  For whatever reason, my new computer and WoW Insider’s new comment system just don’t play nicely together, so I can’t comment over there, but I’m still grateful for the mention and humbled to be in the same company as some much better artists and writers than myself.

And my thanks also to all of you have been reading, whether you came here from WoW Insider or anywhere else.  All of you are the reason I keep making comics.

Will I make it to 400?  Who knows.  We’ll see in a couple of years.

Until next week, thanks for reading, be well, and may all your drops be purple.

July 4, 2014

AFR #299 – Not quite 300

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Yeah, this joke would have been a little better timed a couple of months ago, back when we still hadn’t heard a peep about Warlords since Blizzcon and everyone was getting fed up with old content and radio silence, but it wasn’t my 299th comic a couple of months ago.  /Shrug.

You’d really think Blizzard would have a better handle on this by now.  I know it’s hard work creating all that new content and I don’t blame them for focusing on the new expansion rather than the passing one, but it seems pretty clear that expansions take about two years to work through their life cycle.  Cramming all the patch content into the first ten months of those two years doesn’t actually help the next expansion come out any faster.  It’s like eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner all before 10 in the morning and then being surprised that you’re hungry at 8 in the evening.

June 27, 2014

AFR #298 – Facing the future

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I can’t wait to see the new models in action.

June 20, 2014

AFR #297 – That’s why they don’t come when you call

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Mmm, fresh-squeezed demon power.  Full of demony goodness!

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