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April 11, 2014

AFR #287 – They all look alike anyway

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In the inter-expansion doldrums I’ve been leveling up some alts.  Taking my worgen druid through Grizzly Hills was a bit of a jarring experience.  I kept wanting to tell the NPCs “That’s racist!”

Edit: Matthew Rossi of WoW Insider has apparently had much the same thought.

August 16, 2013

AFR #253 – A little perspective

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It amazes me that there are still some people out there complaining that the pandaren “don’t have any basis in lore” or “are just an April Fool’s joke.”  At this point in the game, the pandaren have a stronger place in the lore of Azeroth than even humans do.  They have a much richer backstory and a more complex culture than any other race in the game, and their culture and story are all there in the game for us to experience without having to read novels or comic books to understand it.

Now, that’s an entirely separate question from whether you like the pandaren or not.  You are completely free to like or dislike anything in the game and no one can tell you otherwise.  I’m not all that excited about the pandaren myself.  De gustibus non est disputandum and all that.  But no one can say that Blizzard has not done an amazing job of developing and realizing the pandaren as a race.

May 18, 2012

AFR #183 – Implausible denial

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Subtlety really isn’t a big thing in WoW questing, but it’s hard to drop obscure hints when you know most people don’t even bother with quest text and just want to know who to kill next and how many bear intestines to bring back.

March 9, 2012

AFR #173 – Hungry like a wolf

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So, I was playing my worgen the other day, getting his cooking skill up by making hot wolf ribs and lean wolf steaks, and was struck by how awkward the situation was.

In other news, I decided that if I had an all-worgen guild I would have to name it “Mozart.”  Because, you know, it’s a wolf gang.

December 10, 2010

AFR #109 – Midnight

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I wasn’t actually there at midnight on Tuesday.  I’ve grown too old to stay up all night playing WoW; I need my sleep.  (Plus, I was up early in the morning on Monday to make pizza for a departmental party, but that’s another story.)  So, I can’t speak from any experience about what it was like at 12:01 Tuesday morning, but I feel pretty sure that the population of Gilneas skyrocketed in those first few minutes.

I haven’t even started my worgen character yet.  I’ve been holding back to let the initial wave go by, but you can be sure that it won’t be long before another furry face joins the wolfpack roaming Azeroth.  (And no, I will not be naming my worgen any of the names shown in that last panel– although if there were such a thing as a bard class I would so have a worgen bard named Rolf.)

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